Thursday, August 18, 2011

King Arrives in United Kingdom for Tour

18/08/2011--LONDON--His Sovereign Majesty King Adam I has arrived in London for a ten day tour of the capital of the United Kingdom and Edinburgh, Scotland, during which he will meet with members of the Royal Family and government officials. His Sovereign Majesty will be having conversations with senior members of the Kemetian Royal Family on their role in government and charitable organizations, as well as with the Prime Minister Jolyon Lloyd-Davies of the Liberal Party, covering subjects ranging from the current financial crisis to the support of Scottish independence.

Today, the King will be travelling to Oxford to visit the Ashmolean Museum and the "Heracles to Alexander the Great" exhibit on the treasures from the ancient capital of Macedon, which has been organised by the Prime Minister of Greece and the Greek Government. King Adam I is looking forward to inspecting the objects of this ancient civilization and is interested in how they may inform the Kemetian civilization in its goals and ideals.

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