Friday, July 28, 2006

A Heated Exchange

13/07/2006-- STONERDALE CITY--

A heated exchange has occured between Prime Minister Lloyd-Davies and High Vizier Prince Ian over the issue of the current situation in the Middle East. The dissagreement happened when a communication intended for the Sovereign King about the state of foreign affairs was routed to all government officials due to an error on the Kemetian Telecomunication Network (which has since been resolved).

The text of the communication has not been disclosed, but it appears that in an unofficial capacity, the Prime Minister complained of the pro-Israel stance of the government in a way that would be generally thought of as unfitting for someone of his position. In a telephone conversation, His Majesty informed the Prime Minister of his views and of the fact that the communication had been sent on to all in the government.

When the High Vizier Prince Ian received the communication, he was outraged at the informal and somewhat "sparring" language of the Prime Minister and wrote him a formal letter of complaint. Later today, during the sessions of the Royal Parliament, he asked for "a vote of No Confidence in Prime Minister Lloyd-Davies" stating that "his values and judgement have proven to be questionable as of late." A heated debate followed.

The Sovereign King suggest a reconciliation meeting between the Prime Minister and the Crown Prince saying that "If it does come to an impeachment, it would be impossible to impeach the Prime Minister with the Royal Parliament because that would require a 2/3 majority for the motion, which could not be achieved because of the SDP holding too many seats. A case could be brought for high treason, but I seriously doubt the PM has done anything to merit such a trial." He reiterated his government's commitment to peace and justice and pushed for peaceful meetings between the two sides.

Although a favourable outcome has been obtained, this incident has shown that although the two major parties (SDP and NDP) are similar in some respects they can have their differences.

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