Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Trip to Kemetia Springs by King results in Much News

6/08/2006-- KEMETIA SPRINGS--

Today, King Adam returned from the Kemetia Springs Province after a short visit to the area and talks with Crown Prince Ian, Minister of Justice Jon Paul Medved and other high ranking members of the government and Royal Family who reside there.

The meetings concentrated on current parliamentary power blocs, defense, justice, agriculture, and royal affairs of state.

Crown Prince Ian reiterated his commitment to government stability and defense saying that "the current situation in the Parliament must be solved to combat any future problems that may be encountered due to a split of ideas between it's members. We must unite to fight the greater threats from the outside."

The "split of ideas" refers to the small conflict that occurred between Crown Prince Ian's party the NDP and Prime Minister Lloyd-Davies party the SDP over the Middle East conflict. It is unclear what the "threats from the outside" are, but it is clear that in his capacity as Defence Minister, Prince Ian had lengthy talks with the King and his staff that resulted in increased funding being diverted to the Defence and Justice Ministries. It is thought that the MoD is preparing for any eventualities that may occur due to the aggressive stance on National and International Security of the King of late.

Minister Medved was also given permission to found the Committee on Un-Kemetian Activities to help fight dangerous terrorist and foreign influences that have infiltrated the country lately. His and Prince Ian's commitment to fighting enemy forces at work inside Kemetia has been admirable and much praise should be bestowed upon them.

Later in the tour, King Adam appointed a Commander of the Air Force, but details remain undisclosed for the time being. He will be confirmed at a later date.

The tour also included the reappointment of the Head of the Olympic Committee Christopher Knoepke, who had been deposed earlier that year.

Meeting and celebration were also held with Prince John and Princess's Jan and Meredith. Agriculture is also confirmed as "running smoothly" by Prince John after the hops shortage of late 05 in which hops production was seriously effected by drought.

A celebratory raft ride was also undertaken by the King and his family (and staff) which was much enjoyed by all.

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