Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kemetia Featured in Several Publications

10/09/2006--STONERDALE CITY--
Today, and over past week, Kemetia has featured in many pieces of literature. The Lonely Planet Micronations: A Guide to Self-Proclaimed Nations was published and features a 4-page spread on the Kingdom. All citizens are urged to buy a copy. A book launch is being organized by the government to be hosted by Kemetia which will include speeches, book signings and ultimately the signing of the United Micronations Organization Treaty (UMOT) between ourselves and many other nations who will send delegations to the event.

Kemetia was also mentioned in the Guardian Unlimited story on the publication of the book. Are Magnanimous Sovereign, His Majesty King Adam will also be featured in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter shortly (which will be reported on when published).

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