Monday, December 04, 2006

General Elections Dec. 06

Four days ago, His Sovereign Majesty was given the unexpected advice by the military and the Advisory Council to postpone the General Elections until late January. This is partly in response to fears among these institutions that the General Elections would be used as an excuse to stage a popular rebellion by anti-Secessionist elements that may exist inside the population. Intelligence suggested that these forces would become active in undermining the government during the December month when the Parliament was not in session and while most officials are taking the winter off. A minority of MPs has been angry at the postponement and believes it to be another sign of the increasing influence of the military and the King's advisors on policy. It could be noted that since the initial planning stages of a rebellion have been uncovered these MPs are not being particularly supportive of the democratically elected government of Kemetia and may do well to reaffirm their loyalty. However, the Cabinet seemed satisfied with the Intelligence and Prime Minister Lloyd-Davies will remain the Head of Government until the election in late February. Meanwhile, we wish all citizens a Happy Holidays and a Good New Year.

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