Thursday, January 25, 2007

87% Vote Yes for the Permanent Constitution

His Eminence Jack Finch, the Minister for the Interior and His Excellency the Prime Minister Jolyon Lloyd-Davies, Chair of the Committee on the Composition and Implementation of the Permanent Constitution (CCIPC) said today that 87% of voters in the referendum on the Permanent Constitution voted yes out of an electorate of 128 whereas 13% voted no. His Excellency the Prime Minister said in a statement that the large turnout reflected the magnitude of the response of the Kemetian people to the appeal of His Sovereign Majesty King Adam. His Sovereign Majesty urged citizens to cast their votes with a feeling of responsibility for their future and commended them on their keenness to participate in the referendum and their faithfulness to their leadership. The CCIPC congratulated His Sovereign Majesty the King, the Crown Prince, the Prime Minister, the Kemetian government, and people on this occasion.

This new Permanent Constitution is seen as a great step forward. Taking into account the concerns of citizens about the Advisory Council, it has been abolished and now a unicameral legislative branch is in operation. Other areas have been overhauled as well and the full text of the constitution can be view under the Constitutional section of the official web portal.

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