Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Return of the King

09/06/09--CHICAGO-- After more than a year of consolidation and secretive behaviour, His Sovereign Majesty has announced his return to the international scene today in a surprise letter to the Tribune that also freed the news source from a protective punitive measure.

In March 2008, election results were published and, unsurprisingly, Mr. Lloyd-Davies was re-elected to the Prime Ministry. After threats were levelled against the Monarchy by the Opposition for what they called ‘blatant tolerance of a virtual dictatorship’, the Sovereign became wary of publishing anything pertaining to His whereabouts or political moves, thinking it best to weather the storm than try to stop it. This also included a blanket media blackout throughout the Kingdom as well as the decommission of the National Web Portal.

His Sovereign Majesty left the Kingdom on a four-year campaign in the New World for supporters to His cause and the Secessionist movement. The King stated in a letter that he is ‘currently situated in the Great Lakes region and invites the Kemetia Tribune to start republishing at its own discretion.’

We further publish his New World Decree for the good of the Sovereign Kingdom. Glory and health to His Sovereign Majesty and may He bask in the Light of Fortune and Favour.

Decree pertaining to the New World to be created and Sustained issued by the Glorious Sovereign on Campaign in the Great Lakes Region:

It has been too long that I have been separated from my Children, the Sovereign Kingdom of Kemetia. Contact must be re-established between your representatives in the Government and My office in order for us to have a consultative and due process governing such a grand institution as the Secessionist State. Therefore, in order to realise these important tasks, We have decided that it be prudent and correct to issue this Decree pertaining to a New World to be established under My authoritative and judicious leadership after viewing and learning from this Campaign upon the New World which I have taken. In order to curb elements that are both treacherous and insidious, we must do perform three missions: expansion, consolidation, and centralisation, as shall be laid out in the following Decree.

Article I: Expansion
The Sovereign Kingdom of Kemetia has existed for four years. Four more years of existence must be assured, as should the eternal future of the nation and dynasty. Expansion shall ensure this. Due to the findings of the Pan-Kemetian Irredentic Commission and issuance of the Pax Kemetica Decree, to maintain territorial integrity, areas of Kemetian influence in East Hampshire were integrated into the nation, and the Kingdom has rapidly expanded, encompassing a large area in the South of England. This area now includes the East Hampshire District, the Borough of Basingstoke and Deane, the City of Winchester, the Hart District, and the Borough of Havant. This area shall be maintained as the core territory of the Kingdom, with the periphery continuing to exist of those areas incorporated overseas.

Article II: Consolidation
In order to preserve the harmonious balance within the political sphere of the nation, His Sovereign Majesty, in his wisdom, decides unequivocally to reform the national system to better suit his overseas governance. Forthwith, the Final Constitution is indefinitely suspended, with this action being approved by the Consultative Assembly, also forthwith dissolved to be replaced with a National Government of Harmonious Rule. The components of this Government shall be as follows: an executive made up of a Royal and Citizen Command selected by His Sovereign Majesty and a legislative branch made up of 5 members, selected by a popular vote of the Royal and Citizen Command making up a Advisory Senate. There operation shall be outlined in the next article.

Article III: Centralisation
Centralisation is essential in His Sovereign Majesty’s absence. Thus, the following officers are appointed to these newly established positions:

Regent: Jolyon Lloyd-Davies

Financial Minister: Arran Marais-Gilchrist

Defence Minister: His Royal Highness Crown Prince Ian

The Royal Government shall deal with all citizenship applications and activities. The Advisory Senate shall be chosen within 7 days from the publication of this decree.

This Decree is published and made binding as of 10th June 2009. All articles are binding until cancellation.

His Sovereign Majesty King Adam of Kemetia

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