Saturday, February 06, 2010

First Comments on the Constitution Submitted

06/02/10--FIRST CITY--The first comments submitted to the Constitutional Drafting Committee by its members were made public today, in an official statement from Committee. Both Francis Nicholson and His Sovereign Majesty King Adam contributed separate Comment Documents to the Committee repository for later review. While the contents of the Documents cannot be made public until all Comments are submitted, the Committee released brief statements outlining the positions of the two members.

Mr. Nicholson, one of the Founders of the Nation and Chair of the Anarchist Alliance Party, made stark observations and suggested a complete overhaul of the entire Constitution, viewing many of its provisions as unnecessary and long-winded. Mr. Nicholson has advocated a less centralized system in the past, as well as placing the instruments of so-called 'state-violence' in the hands of the government, in order to protect the populace. His Anarchist Alliance Party has been absent from elections since 2006, and many suspect that he may re-enter the political scene after the new Constitution is promulgated.

His Sovereign Majesty King Adam did not submit extensive comments, partly because of his pivotal and influential role in shaping the document in question. He did suggest, however, that the original judicial organ of government named the Curia of Founders be renamed the Constitutional Court and its role redefined to allow for the random selection of sitting members for five-year terms from among the eminent jurists of the nation. This, however, has been opposed by Senior Economic Advisor Sir Nicholas Kelly and others in the government.

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