Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prime Minister in Scotland

21/02/10--FIRST CITY--The Prime Minister submitted his comments on the Draft Constitution today, which are said to be quite expansive, emphasizing the possibility for a liberal and open interpretation of the document in the future. While he made plain the fact that his comments were only suggestions and that the Committee could 'ignore or alter them as is seen fit', His Excellency's comments will most certainly hold much sway, as they will be seen as the opinion of the democratically elected majority.

Prime Minister Lloyd-Davies is currently touring Scotland, were he hopes to further peaceful secession and the Secessionist ideology in general. Scottish independence has long been a policy of the Lloyd-Davies Administration and this official visit is seen as a sign to buttress that support, which was seen to wane after unpleasantness with certain members of the Scottish secessionist community in 2006.

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