Monday, April 26, 2010

Constitution Passed, Approval High

25/04/10--FIRST CITY--After a long delay, His Sovereign Majesty's Office officially announced the preliminary results of the Referendum on the Adoption of the Constitution as well as the general impression gained from an opinion poll attached to the ballot measuring the public's approval of the King.

The Constitution was passed with a large majority voting to make the document law. His Sovereign Majesty's approval ratings were also said to be extremely high, with no votes reflecting approval beneath 'Average' and most located in the upper range. His Sovereign Majesty's office has been criticised by a section of the citizenry for withholding the Referendum and approval results, although a spokesperson from the Office called these accusations 'groundless.'

The Electoral Commission has not yet published the voting figures from the referendum, although they are expected within the next few days.

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