Monday, April 12, 2010

Where is the Electoral Commission?

12/04/10--FIRST CITY--Frustration has been apparent after the promised referendum date came and went on Saturday without any ballots being distributed. The Electoral Commission has apologized sincerely for the delays and now expects the referendum to be conducted today, 12th April 2010, now that the security systems have been verified to properly prevent fraud. The Electoral Commission has also announced their intention to include a second question on the ballot, about the effectiveness of the Monarch over the past year.

Opposition leaders have suggested that King Adam I may have been stalling the referendum in order to convince the Commission not to include the second question on his governance. However, we are assured by independent observers that this is a baseless statement and that the King has been active in pushing for these measures.

"It had always been my intention to allow the People to have regular input on the configuration of their government and its performance. It seems only fair that I be evaluated alongside the elected government" said the King this afternoon from his office, who seemed convinced that the People would continue to support the Monarchy.

Hardliners affiliated with the Monarchy, and especially in the military, have expressed their doubts about the second question. Many have seen it as a direct challenge to traditional rule and fear that His Sovereign Majesty's confidence in popular governance may have been misplaced. "This is very worrying indeed. It certainly is not the People's place to pass judgments on the Monarch!" said an Court official, who declined to be named.

It is hoped that this Monday's referendum is a valid reflection of the popular will, with most pollsters projecting broad support for both measures.

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