Monday, August 23, 2010

King Condemns Examination Boards

23/08/10--CHICAGO--His Sovereign Majesty King Adam I released this statement today regarding the educational system of Kemetia and the wider world. In it, he outlined his plan for a comprehensive educative experience and the destruction of examining bodies:

It has come Our attention that most of the world has been deceived and misled into believing that examinations, good grades and final tests are the only purpose of educational institutions, creating a climate of administration and bureaucracy, insidiously corrupting our youth and the children of the world.

That an entire child's future be based upon results acquired through testing is a preposterous notion, born of the reactionary and bureaucratic world powers who seek to pigeonhole individuals, thereby making them easier to control. This dulls the minds of our young, and engenders a senseless automation of knowledge, crushing the Spirit of Youth and bludgeoning creativity, open-mindedness and freedom to a bloody pulp.

But, worse even than this, is the blatant and gluttonous attitudes of the examination bodies themselves, which seek only to increase their own profits, corner markets and treat students as if they were exploitable. The College Board of the United States, a not-for-profit, made a shocking $582.9 million in 2006, but spent only $527.8 million, reserving $55.1 million for its own purposes. Twelve of its top-level positions are paid $300,000 a year. Bear in mind that the organization claims to be a not-for-profit, and yet pays its executives hundreds of thousands of dollars. Reform is obviously necessary. Testing must become more affordable and less prevalent.

Edexcel of the United Kingdom also shows that these organizations are immoral behemoths. Edexcel has routinely failed to report mistakes in exam papers, even when it knew such mistakes existed. When revealed, Edexcel did nothing, preferring to give credit those who had the faulty papers. Whether or not this credit was given is beside the point: this dishonesty is indicative of such corrupt cartels—if such fraudulence exists in this matter, is not the entire legitimacy of the enterprise in question?

It becomes clear after reviewing only two of these bodies that there is an inherent flaw in the system: the examinations themselves. To assess children based on one paper, or one exam rather than their development is a travesty, and while it serves most governments well, it will not be the policy in this country.

I urge the Government to form a plan for comprehensive education based on holistic and enriching principles. I call for emphasis to be placed on the individual experience of learning, rather than the class experience of testing. It is my belief that a programme, which combines practical application with intellectual pursuit, will result in a People worthy of the world. We should give our children and all children the world, for we are but custodians and a transient part of a much greater whole.

The Kemetian People shall prevail and, united in our effort to reform our nation, shall reform the planet.

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