Thursday, September 30, 2010

Democracy Day 2010

30/09/10--CHICAGO--In celebration of Democracy Day, which marks the establishment of democracy in Kemetia by His Sovereign Majesty King Adam I, the King released the following remarks and encouraged all citizens to exercise their rights as fundamentally free individuals:

Five years ago, democracy entered the Kemetian political scene with the disbandment of the necessary Secessionist Command Council, and the calling of the first democratic elections in our nation's history. While the road to absolute democracy is a hard one, with many perils along the way, I believe we have made significant progress since the dark days of one-party rule under the De Groot regime, and even more progress regarding the Constitution, which is now fully accepted as the law of the land.

My government has been implementing the changes outlined in the 2010 Constitution slowly, consistently, and carefully, so as to allow the former institutions of the State time to adjust to the new atmosphere of freedom and political openness. The Supreme Constitutional Court has been partially selected by the Electoral Commission, and this process is due to be completed in the next few weeks, with the five new Justices receiving their bound copy of the Constitution for their guardianship. After this, it is my hope that the Advisory Council and Senate will be elected quickly, so as to allow the People voice in their government.

Democracy must be a cherished ideology of our country; not because I say it should be, or the Prime Minister believes it to be so, but because it is the right of every human to choose their destiny and government--it is something innate, something worth all our effort to protect. We shall not rest until democracy in Kemetia becomes an example which all countries will follow, for once we unite the world under a democratic system, the need for Kings and Nobles will fall to dust: we shall all be Human Citizens--perhaps the most important and overarching citizenship of all.

The King will proceed to a musical celebration at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel tonight, in order to more fully appreciate the beautiful quality of human achievement.

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