Monday, November 15, 2010

Student Organization Formed

16/11/10--CHICAGO--It has been announced today that a student organization for supporting Kemetian students and their friends has been provisionally established at the University of Chicago in the United States. Students for the Advancement of Kemetia, as the organization is called, will help in "raising awareness within student bodies around the world of Secessionism and the issues surrounding it, as well as help us support our citizens and allies, who may be far from home and in need of a familiar community", said Alexander Cole, President of Students for the Advancement of Kemetia.

Students for the Advancement of Kemetia is currently not fully registered with the University of Chicago, still pending approval by the Committee on Recognized Student Organizations, although approval is expected to be given by the end of December. Until such a time, Students for the Advancement of Kemetia shall continue to operate normally, but without financial support from University institutions.

The King, who is also the Honorary Chairman of Students for the Advancement of Kemetia, has expressed his hopes for the organization, saying that he envisions multiple organizations and unions across the world and in all major universities. "It is my firm belief that through fostering dialog and understanding within institutions of higher learning worldwide, we can achieve an international victory for the Secessionist Movement. Students bring something vibrant and novel to Kemetian society, presenting ideas and projects that have real potential and promise", said His Sovereign Majesty to the Tribune earlier today.

It is expected that further efforts in other universities will be endorsed by the Kingdom, with the possibility of an International Kemetian Students Union being formed in the near future to coordinate efforts amongst students who are Kemetian or support Kemetian ideals.

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