Monday, December 13, 2010

Student Organization Moves Forward

12/12/10--CHICAGO--Last week, on December 9th, the Committee on Recognized Student Organizations (CORSO) at the University of Chicago official approved Students for the Advancement of Kemetia, the Tribune has learned. The news was followed by a small gathering of Kemetians and interested parties at the apartments of the organization's President, Alexander Cole.

While Mr. Cole has been unavailable for comment, His Sovereign Majesty King Adam I says he is "thrilled and optimistic" about the news. "This is certainly a modern and most correct decision [on the part of CORSO]. Anything less would have been quite improper and discriminatory, but we have clearly seen here the progressive attitude to Kemetia and our national expression by the University and it's institutions."

The King, who is currently visiting with the Royal Family at his Ranch, has revealed to the Tribune that recognition was not at first given to the organization. "We were most dismayed to find out that, initially, CORSO had rejected our bid for recognition, which we had certainly not anticipated." The King explained that he did not feel such a rejection was warranted. The decision was quickly appealed, however, and during the process His Sovereign Majesty and President Cole were well received. Concern was raised about the ties between the country and the student organization, which the King addressed to the satisfaction of the committee. He is very pleased that all turned out for the best and hopes that Students for the Advancement of Kemetia serves to benefit the University with discussions and events tailored to Kemetian and student needs.

Also within this discussion, His Sovereign Majesty confirmed that elections were slated for mid-January and he hoped that a cabinet could be formed soon after. Several new ministerial faces are expected, with Ms. Kathleen Cawley, the current Secretary and Recruitment Chair of Students for Advancement of Kemetia, expressing her interest in becoming Minister for the Environment, and thus replacing Minister Jack Finch. Minister Arran Marais-Gilchrist is also expected to retire in his capacity as Finance Minister, which he has held since 2005, though will still retain his position as Chairman of the Liberal Party. It is unclear whether Minister Finch or Minister Marais-Gilchrist will run in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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