Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ministry of Culture Unveils New Projects

28/06/2011--CHICAGO--In an announcement today, the Minister of Culture Sir Alexander Cole revealed that his ministry has initiated several projects to improve the cultural life of the Kingdom, as well as the well-being of its citizens.

"Primarily, we'll be focusing on projects that fully involve all citizens, regardless of whether they live in the central homeland or overseas territories", Minister Cole said from his office in Chicago. "I want to bring Kemetian culture to all people at the grassroots level, through a series of festivals and free art that would be accessible to everyone, even non-Kemetians."

Cole went on to detail the project he was constructing, to be held simultaneous in all territories of the Kingdom. "We're hoping to be able to coordinate with local government authorities to bring Culture Days to several areas, including the Capital. During these events, several stalls would be set up, providing representations of the local arts of that particular part of the Kingdom."

"We would also be including street artists, and other free mediums so that whomever comes to visit the event could enjoy its contents."

Currently, the project is in the planning stages, and funding is being gained from a variety of sources. Due to the Recession, the Government has been tightening its purse-strings, but it is hoped that a combination of public funding and donations will be adequate to make the event possible.

Those wishing to donate should navigate to this page to make their valuable contribution with the memo that it be directed to the the Ministry of Culture.


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