Monday, November 07, 2011

Supreme Constitutional Court Formed

CHICAGO--06/11/2011--This evening, the Supreme Constitutional Court was officially formed for its five year term. The five new Justices to take their seats in the Court are the first under the new Constitution, and will be instrumental in interpreting the document in its early years of implementation.

Five citizens, randomly selected, form the Court, which is the final authority on all constitutional matters and disputes. While the Court has been partially constituted for some time, it was not until today allowed to take its full powers, with the addition of the fifth Justice Josh E. Amelia. He will join Chief Justice Sir Nicho Kelly, Justice Julia Nee, Justice Kaitlyn Fryzek, and Justice Charles Hughes as a Supreme Constitutional Court Justice.

Justice Fryzek was pleased to welcome Justice Amelia to the Court. "His selection allows for the correct functioning of our arm of government and opens a new chapter in Kemetian history, with a fully operational Judiciary." "We are so very happy to welcome Justice Amelia to our ranks, and hope his insights will be helpful in shaping Kemetian legal doctrine" commented Justice Nee.

It is expected that Prime Minister Jolyon Lloyd-Davies, who is starting his campaign for re-election to the Prime Ministry this month, will submit a list of prospective members of the Advisory Council to the Supreme Constitutional Court for their approval, who will then be placed before the People for election.

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