Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Election Process Underway

21/11/2011--FIRST CITY--The government has announced today the formal preparations for the December 1st Parliamentary and Prime Ministerial elections. The Electoral Commission has been vigorously encouraging citizens to become involved, and has released several key forms.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) selected names from a list of prospective members of the Advisory Council for approval by the People on December 1st. Johansen Amin, Minister of Research and Development, has been confirmed as the only candidate to respond to the request by the SCC so far, and was very enthusiastic about the prospect of election to the Upper House.

"My goals will be oriented towards creating and developing self-sustaining culture within the Kemetian community that will offer more legitimacy and recognition to our nation", Mr. Amin said earlier in a candidate statement to the Electoral Commission. He added that "it goes without saying that I will also seek to advise our Monarch on the nation's affairs whenever possible."

Mr. Amin, a citizen of the Kingdom for some years, presents an interesting technocratic alternative to the mainstream party-political candidates, himself not affiliated with any party and an expert in medicine.

The Kemetia Tribune is looking forward to a lively campaign season and the upcoming Prime Ministerial debates. No candidates have yet declared themselves, although it is highly likely that Prime Minister Jolyon Lloyd-Davies will run for re-election.

The Electoral Commission today released this form, allowing citizens to form a political party to be included on the ballot for the Senate and Prime Ministerial elections. As always, citizens shall choose from a list of parties, rather than candidates, to fill the 20-seat Senate, with parties selecting candidates to fill those seats at a later date. It has not been announced as yet when the forms for registering to run for the Prime Ministry will be released.

27/11/2011--FIRST CITY--UPDATE--Nomination forms for the Prime Ministry have now been released and can be obtained here.

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