Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Election Results Released

06/12/2011--FIRST CITY--Dexter O'Connell, President of the Electoral Commission of Kemetia released the official results from last week's Prime Ministerial and Parliamentary elections. Last Friday, a gathering was held at the Kemetian Embassy, Chicago, attended by members of the Parliament, other officials and friends, who enjoyed canapés and mulled wine while listening to the announcement.

This election season has proven to be most interesting and turbulent, truly changing the face of Kemetian politics and policy. While originally only two parties were confirmed to be in the running for the Senatorial elections, a third declared itself to the Commission only hours before the polls closed, leading to an extension of voting, as well as a new party in the Parliament.

The eight members of the Upper House, the Advisory Council, were all confirmed by the People, although Councilor Lori Ossip of the Conservative Party was rejected by 4% of the vote, and Councilor Ciaran Yeo of the Liberal Party by 7%. Since both these Councilors won over half of the vote, they were confirmed regardless. The new Advisory Council is comprised of Independent Sir Alexander Cole, Ciaran Yeo of the Liberal Party, Johansen Amin of the Expansionist Party, Shawnteal Peery of the Liberal Socialist Party, Lori Ossip of the Conservative Party, Arran Marais-Gilchrist of the Liberal Party, Lachlan Marais-Gilchrist of the Liberal Party and Maksymilian Fus-Mickiewicz of the Liberal Party. The two vacant seats, created by late withdrawal of two candidates, shall be filled at the opening of the Parliamentary session in the new year.

Senatorial elections were hard fought between the incumbent Liberal Party of Prime Minister Jolyon Lloyd-Davies and the new Expansionist Party of Johansen Amin. Additionally, the Kemetian Farmer Labor Party made a strong performance.

In short statements before the announcement of the results, the party leaders reaffirmed and explained more fully their positions. The Liberals continued to run on their platform of past success, basing their claim to power on their exemplary track record and dedication to popular rights, as explained by President of the Electoral Commission Dexter O'Connell, who stood in for Mr. Lloyd-Davies who was unable to attend the event due to duties elsewhere.

Johansen Amin of the Expansionist Party set forth his ideas for governance in a carefully prepared manifesto, which espoused a break from the traditional state-driven principles of the Lloyd-Davies Administration and advocated a system based on true individual rule and belief in sovereignty, focusing on cultural creation and self-determination.

James LaRocque, chairman of the Kemetian Farmer Labor Party, explained to the assembled that the only way to realize true growth of the nation would be to concentrate on the establishment of agrarian credentials for the nation, with an emphasis on green space and farming-based advancement.

The Senatorial elections proved exceedingly surprising for observers, who had expected the Liberals to continue their past victories. In the end, the Expansionist Party came out on top, winning 51.9% of the vote and 10 seats in the Senate, followed by the Liberal Party with 37% and eight seats. The KFLP won only 11.1% of the vote, but still managed to secure 2 seats in Parliament.

Shortly after the announcement, the Expansionists and the KFLP formed a voting bloc within the Senate, and it is expected that a formal announcement of the coalition will be announced shortly.

Even with his defeat in the Senate, Lloyd-Davies still managed to be elected Prime Minister for another 2-year terms, showing continued commitment on the part of the people to the traditional members of the Kemetian political establishment. If Lloyd-Davies serves his term in full, he will have been consistently reelected for 8 years, and become the second longest serving member of the government, after the King himself.

Further charts and data shall be released by the Tribune as they become available. 

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