Wednesday, January 04, 2012

His Sovereign Majesty writes letter to the Stephen Lawrence Trust

04/01/2012--His Sovereign Majesty composed a letter to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust today, on the occasion of the conviction of his murders, 18 years after the event. The text of the letter read:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my profound relief that those responsible for the despicable murder of Stephen Lawrence, 18 years ago, have finally been brought to justice, and that now Mr. Lawrence's family, friends and admirers will be able to start to heal their deep wounds and look to the future. The ambitions of the Stephen Lawrence Trust to strive for social justice and change for the young people of the world are exceedingly noble and make their presence extremely important in the community.

We at the Sovereign Kingdom of Kemetia fully support the work of the Trust, and will be following its work closely to build similar programmes within our own nation and community, to help youth find a path, and to bring to an end the terrible divisions that plague humanity.

With my most warm regards for your charity and the family of Mr. Lawrence,

His Sovereign Majesty King Adam I of Kemetia,
Sovereign Kingdom of Kemetia

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