Monday, March 05, 2012

Website Competition Announced

05/03/2012--CHICAGO--Today, in a conversation with the Tribune, His Sovereign Majesty the King announced that he is launching a bid to find the best web designer in the Kingdom to establish the nation's presence on the net.

"In my White Paper of 7th June, 2010, I outlined my desire to create a strong and effective portal on the web to help our nation grow and succeed. Now, with this incentive based competition, I hope that technically sophisticated Kemetians will be able to help us" said the King this morning from his office.

The current web presence, which has stagnated for several months, is considered poor by international standards. While the King has talked often in the past about a reboot, little has ever come of these statements due to other more pressing issues within the Kingdom.

The King told us what he wanted from a website and how he envisioned its coordination with government authorities. "We need to create a viable and healthy website for the Kingdom that will allow citizens and the government to communicate, while also facilitating discussion amongst the citizens themselves."

"I deem it appropriate that a Provisional Committee on Information Technology be established, comprising of experts in the field drawn from the winners of the competition. This committee shall explore and expand the Kingdom’s presence in the areas of website development, telephony, networking, and citizen services (such as personal email boxes). This provisional committee shall pave the way for a Ministry of Information Technology to oversee these areas permanently."

These changes have led some to speculate that services like the Tribune will be unified in one area, which has raised concerns amongst staff about the news outlet's future. However, the Government has assured the Tribune that its publication is safe from cutbacks and reassignments.

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