Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Constitutional Referendum Successful

14/05/2012--CHICAGO--This week, the Government reported that constitutional amendments proposed by the King and his Government had past in a referendum. With a stunning 88% voting for the amendments, His Sovereign Majesty is said to be extremely pleased with the results, according to his advisers.

Key to the latest Government's legislative programme, these amendments radically change the governing structure of Kemetia, and incorporate several long standing traditions into the legal system of the nation. Paring the Constitution down to 22 Articles, they introduce an elected Monarch and unicameral Parliament. Under the new amendments, the Monarch is to be elected every 5 years from amongst the members of the Crown Council, which acts as a check on the Monarchy. Additionally, the term of the Prime Minister is increased from 2 to 3 years, the High Court abolished and the Supreme Constitutional Court reduced to 3 members.

While most citizens were pleased with the constitutional amendments, some quarters were unhappy about the apparent reduction in power of some institutions. "The Monarch has always been an apolitical symbol. Now he might as well be a President" said one individual, who refused to be named. Others are concerned that the removal of seats from the Parliament and the abolition of the High Court represent a threat to democracy. "It's just not fair to those of us who have been fighting for over five years for more say in our government", complained a political adviser to one of the major parties in Parliament.

Nevertheless, government officials are optimistic that the amendments do fashion a more streamlined and manageable governing system and are convinced that they will be applauded as necessary in the long run.

To view the newly amended Constitution, follow this link: http://www.kemetia.freenations.net/home/constitution2012.pdf

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