Monday, June 04, 2012

Kemetian Independence Day Ball 2012--Seven Years On

04/06/2012--CHICAGO--To celebrate seven years of independence and prosperity, Kemetians from around the world gathered in the City of Chicago at the prestigious Ida Noyes Hall for a night of revelry and commemoration. Guests enjoyed a sumptuous dinner of assorted vegetarian dishes and were privy to the company of several Kemetian leaders.

The highlight of the evening was the screening of the documentary short We Are Kemetia, directed, written and produced by Justice Kaitlyn Fryzek of the Supreme Constitutional Court. In the video, Kemetians expressed their hopes for the future and described their fondest memories of working within the nation.

A series of speeches was given to the guests, with His Sovereign Majesty King Adam I welcoming them to the event, and outlining his newly formulated policy stances. Focusing on three major areas: healthcare, education and the media, His Sovereign Majesty explained that in order to build on the success of the past all citizens must take with them a sense of pride in Kemetia and its ideology. The King promised to introduce novel measures, including the provision of healthcare training for taxpayers, book scholarships for the needy and a new media outfit, Kemetian Public Media Productions, to integrate citizen media with the traditional media.

Following the King's speech, Deputy Prime Minister Johansen Amin elucidated the meaning of Kemetia in a world where contact with politicians is minimal at best. During an emotionally charged speech, the Right Honourable Mr. Amin related his experiences with national governments unwilling to listen to anyone other than lobbyists. He suggested that Kemetia should act as a beacon of hope and curative to this situation, providing a safe and secure alternative to mainstream governments by providing quality communication services between all levels of society.

Finally, Member of Parliament James LaRocque ended the speaking section with a message reflecting on his experiences with the Kingdom. Starting with his victory with the Kemetian Farmer Labour Party in the 2011 Elections, the Right Honourable Mr. LaRocque walked the audience through his hopes for the present and future of the nation, explaining the extreme importance of the Kemetian people's multicultural and diverse backgrounds, which draw together many corners of the globe. He also reiterated his desire to plant Trees of Liberty in many parts of the Kingdom to celebrate the spirit of freedom throughout the world which Kemetia represents.

After dessert, a raffle was conducted, with many wonderful prizes being handed out to eager Kemetian citizens and friends. His Sovereign Majesty sincerely thanked all present for attending, as well as those who organized the event, for their continued commitment to the national dream.

The Kemetia Tribune would like to thank all who made the Independence Day Ball 2012 the great success that is was, especially: Deputy Prime Minister Johansen Amin, Justice Kaitlyn Fryzek, Director of Communications Alicia Graf, His Sovereign Majesty King Adam I, Her Ladyship the Baroness River McIntosh, Justice Julia Nee, Chief Justice Nicho Kelly, President of the Electoral Commission Dexter O'Connell, and the Royal Family.

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