Sunday, March 18, 2007

Election 07 Finalised

18/03/07--STONERDALE CITY-- His Majesty has announced that elections for Prime Minister shall occur on the 25th March after their cancellation in late 2006. The winner shall complete a term until December 1st 2007 when a new election shall occur. Parties can continue to be submitted until the 20th March and the election campaign shall run for four days until the ballots are submitted on the 25th.

So far, the National Constitutional Party is the only party confirmed to be in the race. Its Chair Prince Ian has given no comments about how he believes the party will fair in the election. It is expected that the current Prime Minister's party, the Social Democrats, will also run again; however, the party Chair Prime Minister Lloyd-Davies and Marais-Gilchrist of the Liberal Party have been taking part in talks to establish whether their parties may merge under Lloyd-Davies as a possibly Liberal Democratic party with Socialist sympathies. Whether this works or not Marais-Gilchrist has made it clear that he is not going to run saying that he wishes to focus 'on the development of Kemetia's economic position in Europe.'

Reliable sources also suggest that Jack Finch the Minister of the Interior's Green Party will make an appearance, though he does not expect to win 'more than 3 seats.' Several other small parties who seem to harbour high hopes for many seats and perhaps the Prime Ministry did not mirror this attitude. Sinclair's Imperialist Party was most vocal about the perceived unfairness of the past elections, all won by Mr. Lloyd-Davies.

However, with the definite loss of the Liberal Party, many fear the emergence of a two party system. The Monarchy believes this would be hurtful to our democratic principles, as without a diverse range of parties not all people in society would be represented.

Hopefully, the election shall be conducted free and fairly so don't forget to cast your vote on the 25th.

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