Friday, March 30, 2007

Diplomatic Tour

30/03/07--STONERDALE CITY-- His Majesty King Adam and members of the Royal Family are scheduled to travel to the Hillcrest Province tomorrow and receive a week-long tour of the surrounding United States territories. His Majesty will be announcing the results of the election abroad for the first time on Sunday evening from the Hillcrest Palace. Preliminary figures are in from several polling stations that suggest Prince Ian's National Constitutional Party is leading, possibly meaning the end of Prime Minister Jolyon Lloyd-Davies 2 year grip on power.

The King will not be meeting with Crown Prince Ian during this journey; however, he is to have meetings with other royal family members arriving Sunday evening and is expected to announce the composition of the Council of the Royal Court, with its members being selected from the Royal Family at the same time as the election results. The Court Advisory Council will then be selected by the Council of the Royal Court.

Various topics that are set to dominate the agenda are the state of the health care system, to be discussed with HRH Princess Joyce, Secretary of Health and Social Services, Ministry of the Interior; agriculture with HRH Prince John, Secretary of Agriculture, Ministry of the Interior, and Secretary Christopher Knoepke of the Department of Corrections, Ministry of Justice about the current prison and rehabilitation system. Other Royal Family members will also be consulted as to the position they wish to occupy in the future.

On Monday night, His Majesty will be attending a private Passover ceremony of the Royal Family. Although the King strongly promotes the secular nature of the government, he says he will still exercise his and his families' right to worship as they wish.

While the King is on his tour, Prime Minister Jolyon Lloyd-Davies shall exercise the powers of Regent (even if the election results state another winning candidate) until His Majesty returns.

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