Friday, May 18, 2007

The King's Majority Celebrations

19/05/07—STONERDALE CITY—Today, as with every year, His Sovereign Majesty the King’s Birthday is celebrated with a national holiday and fanfare. However, this year is particularly special, as the King will enter his majority years at the age of 18.

The Birthday of His Sovereign Majesty King Adam, the worlds’ youngest reigning monarch, shall be marked by an outpouring of love and reverence by Kemetian people throughout the kingdom and around the world.

The King has won a special place in the hearts of the Kemetian people through his combination of devotion to the welfare and development of his people, and a keen understanding and awareness of political and social issues. Today, His Sovereign Majesty plays the pivotal role of the embodiment of the Great Secession and Leader of the Nation.

On May 19th, buildings and homes of all Kemetians are elaborately adorned with flags, portraits of His Sovereign Majesty and bunting. Around the Royal Palace of Stonerdale and Royal Road areas of Stonerdale City, much vividly coloured confetti decorates the paths. On the evening of the holiday itself, the roads around Stonerdale City are closed to traffic and many of people take to the streets.

Tonight, the King will enjoy a private banquet with the Royal Family and the following day shall travel to London to visit the newly opened Sacred Exhibition at the British Library. Other public functions have been delayed for a week until all members of the community a free to partake and a slightly belated birthday celebration.

The King will welcome your gifts and congratulations. Please comment below.

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