Monday, October 22, 2007

Daily News

22/10/07--FIRST CITY--

His Sovereign Majesty has issued an order stating that the National News Service publish the Kemetia Tribune daily to keep citizens up to date with occurrences in the Kingdom.

The King spent the morning arranging for the publication of several Royal Decrees which he hopes will improve the lives of Kemetians throughout the Kingdom. His Sovereign Majesty's office set a release date of 31st October for their publication and we eagerly await their contents.

Around Kemetia
In response to the outrageous measures that have been proposed by the British government to cull badgers, the Ministry of the Interior has declared Kemetian territories to be 'safe zones' for the animals. Anyone found to be guilty of the unlawful killing of badgers within the Kingdom shall be fined the weight of the animal in silver.

His Sovereign Majesty has suggested a State of Emergency be temporarily assumed in Kemetia's North American Provinces until the rampant fires afflicting the California area are contained. So far, no Kemetian citizens have been hurt in the incidences.

The King publicly urged caution in the escalating conflict between Turkey and the Kurdish secessionist movement the PKK. His Sovereign Majesty condemned the recent violence and called for a peaceful resolution to be adopted.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown once again curtailed the freedoms of the British people today by denying them a referendum of the new EU treaty. As Kemetia worriedly watches her neighbour fall into the clutches of a totalitarian society, the King's government reminds us that the people of Kemetia have the right to have a referendum on any issue they please, an encourage citizens to take advantage of this freedom.

Kemetia endorses a Unified Jerusalem
Despite opposition from several members of the Consultative Assembly including the Prime Minister, Kemetia has formally given support to the proposal of a unified Jerusalem in which the Holy Sites of the city will be accessible to all and protected for future generations. The government hopes for a two state solution and will work with the relevant parties to accelerate the Peace Process.

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