Sunday, October 21, 2007

Popularity soaring worldwide as the King discusses the future

21/10/07--FIRST CITY--

On Friday His Sovereign Majesty met with Prime Minister Jolyon Lloyd-Davies and Finance Minister Arran Marais-Gilchrist to discuss the growing popularity of the Kingdom worldwide and how best to use this for the good of all Kemetians.

His Excellency the Prime Minister alerted His Sovereign Majesty to letters and petitions that had come to his office from Kemetian citizens resident in the Indonesian area requesting government endorsement of possible rallies and protests. His Sovereign Majesty was said to be extremely enthusiastic about the prospect, but cautioned that all protests should be non-violent, peaceful and abide by the laws of the nations in which they are occurring. Though the Prime Minister's Office declined to comment on the current situation, Finance Minister Marais-Gilchrist did not embrace the idea, saying that 'it has the potential to be used by negative forces to the detriment of the nation.'

Meanwhile, the King delivered an official letter to the Prime Minister for the formation of a more extensive Cabinet. As a subject of high sensitivity, the Prime Minister's Office understandably did not respond to requests for more information, but His Sovereign Majesty said that he believes that 'the new Cabinet fully represents the wishes of the elected government of the people and of the Royal Court.'

On Thursday of this week, the King will be travelling to North America for the wedding celebrations of the Queen Mother Gillian and Dr. Richard Russell. While the titles of Dr. Russell are still being discussed among the family, His Sovereign Majesty is expected to grant him the title of Prince. During his visit the King will also be having meetings with the Crown Prince Ian to discuss his future as Defence Minister and his possible transfer to the Foreign Ministry. The Kemetia Tribune wishes the Queen Mother and Dr. Russell a joyous day and a happy and long future together.

During His Sovereign Majesty's absence, His Excellency the Prime Minister Jolyon Lloyd-Davies shall exercise the powers of Regent.

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