Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Daily News

23/10/07--FIRST CITY--

A Royal Wedding
Her Majesty the Queen Mother Gillian travelled to New York today to meet up with her future husband Dr. Richard Russell. Dr. Russell met Her Majesty the Queen Mother upon her arrival and they quickly proceeded to their private residency in the Hudson Valley. His Sovereign Majesty the King will be arriving later in the week for the wedding functions service, as well as the official awarding of titles to Dr. Russell and other members of the family.

Ordre de la Légion d'honneur
Meanwhile, on the North American front, His Royal Highness Grand Prince Roger has been chosen by the French government to receive the Légion d'honneur (Legion of Honour) for his exemplary conduct during the Second World War. His Royal Highness the Grand Prince will be awarded the medal and accoutrements of the Order along with the title Chevalier or Knight in a ceremony at the French Consulate in early November. The Grand Prince shall now be addressed as His Royal Highness Grand Prince Sir Roger, Knight of the Legion of Honour.

Around Kemetia
His Sovereign Majesty has severely criticised British ministers for their apparent hindrance of the Scottish elections, which eventual saw the Scottish National Party as victors. A report published today describe how voters had been 'treated as an afterthought' and the loss of 140,000 ballots. The King, in a letter today to the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, expressed his solidarity with the Scottish people and expressed his hopes for a more independent Scotland in the future. His Sovereign Majesty told the Kemetia Tribune that this election scandal is 'another British ploy to prevent the self-determination of free peoples and their right to choose their own governments.'

The King issued a Royal Decree in which he declared a State of Emergency in the North American Province of Kemetia in response to the growing threat from wildfires in California. His Sovereign Majesty will discuss the situation with MCA for the North American Province His Royal Highness Crown Prince Ian in an emergency meeting Thursday evening.

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