Saturday, October 24, 2009

BNP and Secession

23/10/09--CHICAGO--In an astonishing development, BNP leader Nick Griffin's recent appearance on British television's 'Question Time' has caused, contrary to statements of 'showing up' the Fascist leader by fellow panelists, a significant growth in his popularity, with 3,000 people joining the fringe party during and after the broadcast, BNP sources claim. In far more worrying figures, an independent opinion poll after the appearance suggest that 22% of those polled would definitely vote for the party in the future. Additionally, more than half of those polled said they 'agreed [with the party and] thought the party had a point in speaking up for the interests of indigenous white' Britons, according to the BBC. These remarkably large figures have caused the Kemetian government to re-evaluate its stance of non-interference in wider British political affairs.

'The criminal Fascistic Entity whom Griffin represents poses a grave threat to the integrity of the historical homeland of the Kemetian people and the liberty of the British people to live in a free and multicultural society', said His Sovereign Majesty in a phone conversation earlier today. 'Our country is entirely made up of immigrants, who have voluntarily decided to live under our jurisdiction. We are, quite obviously, seen by the BNP as a seditious element, and thus they are a legitimate threat to our country and lifestyle.'

It is currently unclear what the King and the National Cabinet will decide to do about the rising number of BNP supporters, but His Sovereign Majesty was clear about any genuine threat to national integrity and also made a promise: 'If the Fascistic Entity physically encroaches upon the rights and powers of our country and community, we will have no choice but to retaliate democratically and forcibly against these agents of evil. I also pledge that any British citizens who are discriminated against on any basis by the Fascistic Entity will be granted residence in the Kingdom until we have combated this threat to liberty. I only hope that sanity will once again dawn within the minds of any minor supporters of the Entity, and allow them to make the right choice, the true choice: the choice of freedom--to abandon those who would have the fundamental rights crushed beneath their jackboots and extinguish the vibrancy of my society and their own.'

His Sovereign Majesty has also vowed to bring about free and fair elections by the end of the year saying that the Kemetian people 'deserve to choose their representatives in all future matters.'

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