Sunday, October 25, 2009

Finance Ministry Appointment

24/10/09--CHICAGO--Earlier today, His Sovereign Majesty informed the government of an expansion within the Finance Ministry which would 'greatly increase the activities of the Ministry and benefit the Kingdom economically,' he said. The new post, the Senior Advisor to His Sovereign Majesty on Economic Policy, shall be filled by Sir Nicholas Kelly, who is said to be very enthusiastic about the prospect of expanding Kemetian trade and free market opportunities over seas and at home.

With this announcement, Sir Nicholas will join Finance Minister Arran Marais-Gilchrist and Treasurer Charles Hughes at the Finance Ministry, and will also serve as the chair of the newly established Council of Economic Advisors, to be made up of senior financial policy-makers from across the Kingdom. While its composition is yet to be formally declared, Sir Nicholas Kelly is likely to include current members of the government, in a good-will gesture to his colleagues.

Currently, no full reports exist detailing the reasoning behind the appointment. However, Sir Nicholas is a well-known to have libertarian economic leanings, and it is suspected that His Sovereign Majesty may be trying to move the government in a more economically liberal direction, in contrast with his Prime Minister's official socialist policies.

'I'm very happy to join the government in this capacity and I'm looking forward to working with King Adam and his ministers to bring Kemetia into a new economic age, concentrating on improving business opportunities for private companies within Kemetia' said Kelly outside the Kemetian Consulate in Chicago this evening.

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