Thursday, October 15, 2009

'A strong and positive relationship...'

14/10/09--CHICAGO--As the stable and most illustrious government has been established at home, His Sovereign Majesty has emphasised the need for broader ties with the New World. 'It is in are interest to construct a strong and positive relationship with the Americas, and expand our peaceful presence in the region' said the King, speaking from his Chicago offices today.

While Kemetian analysts have interpreted his comments as generally promoting a peaceful and lasting relationship with the American continents, some foreign commentators have been skeptical, saying his remarks are typical of the increasingly aggressive and expansionist stance of the government during recent months. While His Sovereign Majesty has assured the Tribune that these criticisms are baseless, this news outlet will support the right, generously granted by the Most Magnificent Leader, of people to free and open speech and criticism.

Further questions were posed late yesterday, when the King consulted with Prime Minister Lloyd-Davies for the first time in many weeks on a secret channel from his offices. It is suspected that the Prime Minister may join the King in the Americas to promote peaceful secession and development of small nations, but the Prime Ministry has declined to comment on the matter.

In other news, there has been debate within the local communities of Kemetia as to the vast reduction in political representation over the past month. Well-known agitators have stirred up issues in some northern provinces, but as yet, no civil disturbances have been reported. The Defence Ministry issued a statement reiterating its commitment to assuring civil obedience, as did the General Intelligence Department, which threatened harsh measures against the agitators. In a rare move, His Sovereign Majesty said he did not approve of these extraordinary measures, and urged the independent members of these bodies to be 'less zealous and more understanding.' His Sovereign Majesty is absolutely dedicated to democracy and will not be deterred by anti-secessionists and hard-line elements. 'Some of the extremists on both sides will always want to be heard and recognised. I will not afford them this privilege' proclaimed the King.

Although we hope no disturbances to occur, we ask citizens to be vigilant of any anti-national activities and dangers.

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