Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Liberal Party Begins its 2009 Election Campaign

03/11/09--LONDON--Jolyon Lloyd-Davies, Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Party, today made a pubic speech to the Advisory Senate, the text of which follows hereafter:

People of Kemetia, it is my honour to address you as Prime Minister once more. I am speaking to formally announce my candidacy for the post of Prime Minister, and to outline some of the Liberal Party's key policies. I also hope to address the unfounded accusations which have been made regarding the legitimacy of previous elections, and of recent centralisation measures. In order to silence the reactionary agitators responsible for these untruths, I have taken every measure to ensure that the 2009 Prime Ministerial Elections will be the most transparent in our country's history. After intense discussion with His Sovereign Majesty King Adam, it has been agreed that voting will take place online, via Kemetia's Facebook page. This will allow greater security than previous mechanisms, as well as demonstrating my government's commitment to the role "new media" resources will play in our nation's future. Additionally, I am pleased to confirm that the Liberal Party will be making electoral reform a cornerstone of our 2009 campaign; should I be elected once more to the role of Prime Minister, I shall be introducing an "electoral college" system, which would allow for greater representation of our nation's diversity, without undermining the practicality of government. The Liberal Party are not autocrats - we believe firmly in a multipartisan approach to government, and are pround to work with those with other political beliefs. In this spirit, we have supported the appointment of Sir Nicho Kelly as Senior Advisor to His Sovereign Majesty on Economic Policy, and look forward to working with him in the future. Unlike our anti-secessionist adversaries, we remain truly committed to a democratic Kemetia.

As Prime Minister, it has been my great pleasure to assist in Kemetia's formation and expansion over these past years. However, we must not take our success for granted. If reelected, my government will continue to expand Kemetia's presence, especially in the digital sphere. I am particularly excited by the potential of the government's new web portal, which is clearly made vital by the geographically diverse nature of Kemetia. As divided as our nation may seem, we remain united by the revolutionary spirit which is our nation's greatest resource, and it would my great honour to carry this torch into the next decade, and the next phase in our great history.

The speech was greeted enthusiastically by government supporters, including Liberal Party's own publication, The Future. However, the Prime Minister's opponents have remained unconvinced. In an interview with The Kemetia Tribune, one senior opposition figure claimed that "Lloyd-Davies's speech rings hollow to those of us who've witnessed his autocratic style of government in recent years". It is understood by the Tribune that some opposition figures are considering standing for election as a coalition, in the hope of preventing another Liberal Party victory. The Tribune will continue to keep you updated with any further developments as they occur.

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