Saturday, November 28, 2009

Debate but no Date

28/11/09--FIRST CITY/CHICAGO--In the final few hours before the 2009 Prime Ministerial election, the candidates have been winding up their campaigns and preparing for the vote. Neither Peery nor Lloyd-Davies have stated whether the polls commissioned by their parties suggest victory or defeat, but many analysts believe that a coalition government will be necessary for the correct functioning of democracy. 'It just makes good sense' said a senior analyst working for the Royal Family on Parliamentary and Democratic Affairs. 'Coalitions are usually weak, but I'm sure Lloyd-Davies will be able to weld together the various factions in order to help the country unite rather than divide on partisan lines'. said the analyst, who refused to reveal their identity for fear that his favoritism towards the Liberal Party would put his non-partisan position in jeopardy.

Candidates and citizens have also eagerly been waiting for the broadcast of the Prime Ministerial Debate, which official occurred Tuesday, but has not been released due to editing issues. It will be hoped that the debate will be released before the election, and the Electoral Commission has suggested that, in the spirit of fairness, the election may be delayed until after the broadcast to give citizens a chance to evaluate the candidates in an independent atmosphere. However, at this time, no broadcast date has been set and the elections are scheduled to proceed on time on 1st December.

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