Monday, November 09, 2009

Liberal Socialist Party declares candidate

09/11/09--CHICAGO--As campaigning for the Prime Ministerial election 2009 continues from the Liberal Party, a challenger has appeared in the Liberal Socialist Party headed by the newly immigrated Shawnteal Peery. The new party says it wishes to focus on furthering a socialist economic policy while pursuing a libertarian social stance. While the new party has sought to differentiate itself from Lloyd-Davies Liberal Party, its policies are in keeping with the mainstream status-quo politics of Kemetia.

When questioned by the Tribune about any concerns regarding the veracity of the election results, Peery seemed free of worry. 'The elections will be as fair as humanly possible' she stated, adding that His Sovereign Majesty's temporary online election solution to vote rigging was 'a wise one'. She is said to be honoured that her candidacy has been accepted, and will be working closely with current government officials regardless of the election results.

If elected, Ms. Peery will be the first female and black Kemetian to hold the post. 'I am delighted that I have been given the opportunity to make history in this way and hope that even if I do not win, that [my actions will] pave the way for more female government officials in Kemetia and encourage more women to strive for high government positions.' Historically, Kemetia has always had a very high number of female officials, with up to six women holding cabinet level positions at one time. If Peery does win this election, a glass ceiling will certainly have been shattered, opening the Prime Ministry to women as well as minorities.

One of the key issues of the upcoming election is electoral reform, and His Sovereign Majesty has commented that this is an 'election about elections.' With the Lloyd-Davies plan for an electoral college already on the table, the Liberal Socialists have yet to fully outline a rebuttal, but Ms. Peery has commented that she believes 'any measures that could be taken to make sure that every vote counts are necessary.' However, this seems a vague statement, and it is unclear as to how implementation would go ahead.

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