Thursday, December 31, 2009

King concludes national tour

31/12/09--FIRST CITY--The King concluded his tour of Kemetia today, with New Year's celebrations being held with his family at a residence in the capital. During his tour, the King met with senior figures, including the Prime Minister, and discussed plans for the new governing structure, constitutional composition and cabinet make-up.

The Prime Minister met His Sovereign Majesty in London, where a multiparty and inclusive National Cabinet was proposed by the King. The Cabinet is said, by sources close to the King, to be representative of a broad spectrum of interests across the Kingdom and contains a 'fair number of new faces,' said the source. Prime Minister Lloyd-Davies also instituted the establishment of a Carbon Commission, to forward the environmentally sound policies of the government. His Sovereign Majesty also met with Minister for the Environment Thomas Elwes to talk of further measures to increase the efficiency of environmental policy.

All the staff at the Tribune wish Kemetians a very happy New Year and a season of joy and progress.

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