Sunday, December 13, 2009

Prime Ministerial Election Results 2009

13/12/09--FIRST CITY--Results are in for the 2009 Prime Ministerial Elections, with Lloyd-Davies of the Liberal Party taking the Prime Minister's post for the fourth time in Kemetian history. Lloyd-Davies and the Liberal Party were said to be very pleased with the result, saying that it showed how successful and popular their governing policies were, and that they would take the victory as a mandate to continue governing in their current fashion.

The Electoral Commission handed His Sovereign Majesty's government three copies of the Election Certificate, certifying that the Commission had found no irregularities during polling, the validity of this enforced by the President of the Commission, Dexter O'Connell's, status as a international observer, not being a holder of Kemetian citizenship.

The final results were as follows:

Lloyd-Davies (Liberal Party)--77.5%
Peery (Liberal Socialist Party)--10%
Muusz ('David' List Write-In Candidate)--5%
Spoiled Ballots--7.5%

The entrance of new citizen David Muusz into the race was last minute, being a write-in candidate added to ballots towards the end of voting in an unorthodox move approved by the Commission.

Peery has yet to comment on her defeat, but is said to be upbeat about the prospect of working with the government.

Currently, there is talk that a new Democratic Constitution will be unveiled by the new year, curtailing authoritarian powers and increasing the popular voice. This would replace the currently suspended Permanent Constitution of 2007, significantly reducing its 150 articles to around only 35.

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