Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Kemetian Prime Ministerial Election 2009

01/12/09--FIRST CITY--Voting began today at midnight throughout Kemetia with a bustle to the online polls, as well as to hear the Prime Ministerial Debate between incumbent Jolyon Lloyd-Davies of the Liberal Party and Shawnteal Peery of the Liberal Socialist Party, which can be heard through Kemetian Public Radio. Most observers and officials are very pleased about the polling process.

“The current polling situation in Kemetia seems to be one of fair and free voting, but we will judge the election on its merits once all the votes are cast”, said Dexter O’Connell, Chair of the American-Kemetian Public Affairs Committee and an independent member of the Royal Kemetian Electoral Commission, as he is not a holder of Kemetian citizenship.

Other members of the Commission, most notably Jacqueline Trudeau, Attorney General to His Sovereign Majesty’s Government, commented that “His Sovereign Majesty has certainly made an exceptional effort in ensuring the transparency of the election this year, as well as notable steps in increasing the information about candidates to all interested parties.”

All here at the Tribune encourage citizens to vote at the online polling station, and allow their choice shape the future of the Kingdom.

Voting opens 12:00 am Tuesday 1st December 2009 and closes 11:59 pm Tuesday 1st December 2009.

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