Sunday, January 16, 2011

Emperor Norton I Day 2010

08/01/10--CHICAGO--The nation celebrated its annual Emperor Norton I Day this evening, with a private gathering at the Kemetian Consulate in Chicago. Many of Kemetia's most notable citizens were in attendance, including Students for the Advancement of Kemetia's President Alexander Cole, Attorney General Jacqueline Trudeau, and His Sovereign Majesty the King himself (left).

During the evening, the King delivered an address to the assembled crowd, in which he praised Emperor Norton, Students for the Advancement of Kemetia and all citizen's commitment to personal democracy and cooperation. His Sovereign Majesty also announced the creation of an Order of Knighthood, the Order of the Sovereign (OS), to be given by the Monarch each year during Emperor Norton Day. This year's recipients included the Prime Minister Jolyon Lloyd-Davies, former Finance Minister
Arran Marais-Gilchrist and SAK President Alexander Cole. Only Mr. Cole was present to accept his honor. Neither Lloyd-Davies nor Marais-Gilchrist have formally acknowledged or accepted the honor.

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