Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Government Condemns Actions of Syria

01/05/2011--FIRST CITY--Members of the Government of His Sovereign Majesty King Adam I of Kemetia condemned the activities of the Syrian Government today, in a letter signed by the Government given to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations. The OHCHR has declined to comment on the letter, but has acknowledged its receipt.

The contents of the letter are published below for the benefit of the public and nation.

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is the considered opinion of the His Sovereign Majesty’s Government of the Sovereign Kingdom of Kemetia that the current activities of the Syrian Government against legitimate opposition are unacceptable, and should swiftly be dealt with in a meaningful manner by the international community and the respective bodies of the United Nations.

We welcome the OHCHR efforts to voice the outrage of the international community, but we believe that a concerted effort must be made to compel the Syrian Government to allow for peaceful protest, and uphold the conventions that they are legally party to. The United Nations must stand for more than simply its constituent countries; it must stand for humanity itself, and the all-encompassing spirit of personhood, which transcends national boundaries and petty borders. Thus, it is imperative that all Syrian Government officials know the pain of transgressing upon the rights of Humankind, as it is only just that the suffering of the Syrian People rebound upon the Perpetrators of this madness.

We implore your organization to outright condemn the actions of the Syrian Government and uphold the principles for which your organization was founded. There is nothing incorrect about interfering in what appear to be internal affairs of nations that have actively opted to become part of the international community. Syria is a member of the United Nations, and as such, should be forced to be bound by the constraints of the organization.

We trust that you will reply forthwith with your opinions and actions on this matter.

Until such a time, we remain sincerely,

His Sovereign Majesty King Adam I of Kemetia

His Excellency Prime Minister Sir Jolyon Lloyd-Davies, OS

Chief Justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court Sir Nicholas Kelly

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